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About Lightbulb Press

Founded in 1990 by the principals who operate the company today, Lightbulb Press is a widely recognized and highly regarded creator and publisher of objective eductional content, both in print and on the Web.

Lightbulb's signature style combines everyday, straightforward language with imaginative, informative, and often humorous graphics. Our goal is to shed light on even the most complex and intimidating subjects.

We give our readers the necessary knowledge and confidence to make smart decisions and to take the right next steps.

From guides to websites, the entire creative and production process is completed in-house. Our editorial and research group, print and Web designers, production staff, compliance specialists, and e-business and publishing services groups work closely together to ensure the high quality of each product and project.

Who We Are

Lightbulb's founding principals, Ken Morris and Virginia B. Morris, both have Ph.D.s from Columbia University and are passionate about education. Ken played a pioneering role in the plain English movement and his mastery of simplifying consumer information underlies all of Lightbulb's work. Virginia's experience in college teaching and scholarly research and writing is the foundation of Lightbulb's approach to creating effective educational content.

Lightbulb first made its mark with the creation of The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money & Investing, a well-known best seller with over 3 million copies in print. We went on to develop a series of guides for The Wall Street Journal, including those about personal finance and retirement.

Lightbulb has also created custom guides with a number of major financial service providers, including Standard & Poor's, OppenheimerFunds, Mass Mutual, the Securities Industry Council, and the Options Industry Council. We've created online educational content for FINRA, HSBC, and ING DIRECT, among others.

What We Do

Today, Lightbulb offers over 35 titles with over 6 million guides in print. We offer more than 500 online educational articles and have developed a wide range of websites and online learning centers. We've created financial literacy websites for children, including, which won a Webby Award, as well as investor learning sites for adults, such as, which was cited by Barron's as "one of the best investment-education sites on the Web."

As we continue to develop new guides and websites, and to provide our content through new channels and media, we remain committed to the clarity, imaginative design, and sense of humor that are a hallmark of all of Lightbulb's work.




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