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Turn your website into a unique destination for existing and potential customers with the Web version of A Muslim’s Guide to Investing & Personal Finance. The guide is available in a number of Web-ready formats for easy and seamless integration on your website, including:

  • Standard HTML
  • eBook or PDF format
  • Flash

You can license the entire guide, or Lightbulb can help you select a suite of articles that meets your needs. Written in an engaging yet practical style, the Web version of A Muslim’s Guide to Investing & Personal Finance can help you:

  • Educate and communicate with existing and potential customers
  • Attract new and repeat visitors to your website
  • Build trust and loyalty with clients
  • Enhance your brand by providing valuable, practical, and unique content
  • Update and enhance your website

Easy and Seamless Integration

Lightbulb Press makes it simple to seamlessly integrate the content into the look and feel of your website. The content can reside on your company’s servers or Lightbulb Press can host it for you.

The following Islamic investing articles are updated regularly for timeliness and accuracy and can be easily integrated into your existing website:

Islamic Principles
An Ethical Basis   Riba
Islamic Contracts   Zakah
Islamic Investing   Principles of Purification
Halal vs. Haram    
Investment Basics
Understanding Investing   Diversification
Making Investments   Asset Allocation
Understanding Risk    
Investing in Stocks   Markets and Exchanges
What is a Stock Worth?   Buying Stock
Stock Quotes   A Diversified Portfolio
Tracking the Markets   Evaluating Companies
Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds   Evaluating Funds
Fund Objective and Style   Fund Expenses
Islamic Equity Funds   International Funds
Getting Fund Information    
Other Investments
Introducing ETFs   Sukuk Structures
Investing in ETFs   Investing in Real Estate
Sukuk   Private Equity
Personal Finance
Islamic Savings Accounts   Employer Plans
Takaful   Investing for Education
Home Finance   Estate Planning
Halal Retirement Planning: IRAs   Islamic Estate Planning


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